My Inspiration

The greatest inspiration I have ever encountered, that never seems to fail, has been the sight of a razor-sharp 2B pencil sitting unattended on a blank sheet of paper. 

Even though most of the work I do is now on computers, this image still stirs wonderful things inside my brain.

On the other hand, I haven’t experienced anything worse for not only the creative process, but also the nerves, than an icy-cold dull lead being dragged across a toothy pad.

In honour of these two facts I have created a disturbing self-portrait of my hand. Drawing. And for reasons unknown, I drew my right hand…



One Response to “My Inspiration”

  1. NordicBarbie Says:

    i looove this!!! i think you should look at one of my photos and redraw it for me!!! YES! nice TB pencil.

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