Lord Of The Flies

6:15 PM, July 21, 2009.

Today’s post comes live from the steamy jungles of Costa Rica. ¡Pura Vida!

Darkness has settled, and I’m looking out at the blackness that will become the ocean in the morning. Listening to the rain. It comes so suddenly here. The clouds build up over the Pacific and break over the rain forest. We almost got caught in it. “We” is my fellow travelers, T. Jara, and Matthew Morgan. We crafted a makeshift figure-eight race track, caught several hermit crabs, and forced them to race. I came in second place.

Finished my second cup of coffee. Coffee not from a bag or canister. From trees. And brewed through a sock. When in Rome.

Soon supper will be upon us, and we’ll be off again in search of sustenance. Every meal is accompanied by the beer of choice in Costa Rica. Imperial. Un Imperial, por favor. My Spanish needs much(o) work. Too many awkward hand gestures.

Below is a panoramic view of the three bone-weary body-surfers. L-R Matthew, T Jara, Moi.



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  1. Cassidy Says:

    If there was a like button on your blog.
    I’d click it.
    But there isn’t so…
    LIKE. click. done. there.

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