Quack Grass

Following is a step-by-step instructional on how to correctly use Quack Grass.

1. Select your single blade of grass. Choose wisely, as you may not be able to swap later.

2. Place the blade sideways between your thumbs, so that the grass divides the space below the knuckle. This is referred to as the “green vortex”.

3. Blow into the “green vortex” to produce sound. A nicely formed quack will usually sound like a Mallard duck in the throes of death. Using quick, forced breaths will create a louder sound.

Enjoy this new skill wisely. Friends don’t let friends misuse Quack Grass.






4 Responses to “Quack Grass”

  1. Benjamin Bertin Says:

    Finally someone decided to formalize this process!
    I’m proud of you. Hilarious.

  2. Rebecca Harms Says:

    Why is your cartoon man sporting highly fashioned and ridiculously red lips. Is this a preference of yours?

  3. Cassidy Says:

    I’m smiled at this post. 🙂

  4. NordicBarbie Says:

    i like

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