The Interrobang‽

The interrobang, to which I was recently introduced, is a non-standard English punctuation mark, intended to combine the exclamation point and question mark. These things are great for rhetorical questions, and a perfect one-character replacement for “!?”, or “?!”.

I can only foresee good things coming from this newfound knowledge. Am I going to use interrobangs in my online ramblings and public speech?


More info at Wikipedia.

*Edit 11/25/09*

I have had several queries about how to use the interrobang. Not so much in speech, but how to actually make it appear on the screen.

Option 1:

Copy/Paste this: ‽

Option 2:

On a Mac, it appears in your “Special Characters” bin under “Edit>Special Characters>Punctuation”.

On a PC, in some word processing programs “ALT+8253” will work as well.



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