Primary Colours

I finally have my short film up for viewing on Vimeo.


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4 Responses to “Primary Colours”

  1. Josiah Jost Says:

    Hey, sweet stuff, Tommy. Really liked the animated style and concept for the painting.

  2. Christian Says:

    So i watched your video…. Thought it was rather good actually. One problem i had was im not sure i got the moral of the story…. it kinda was like “Hey i cant come up with something for my painting ill go walk around. And after Walking around she decides Throw paint at the picture and hope it turns out good = P But other then that really enjoyed the video

    • tbertin Says:

      Thanks for viewing and glad you enjoyed it for the most part.
      What you said pretty much sums it up, honestly. I realized a bit too late (during editing) that I didn’t really have a great moment showing her “inspiration”. I knew all along that it was a rather vague premise, but was trying to show that, as an artist, you can’t simply stay in the studio/on the computer etc, but you have to allow yourself to be influenced by “real life experiences”. Make sense?
      Like I said, rather vague.
      Thanks again,

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